Alien Encounter

cedar apple rust

Alien Encounter

I stepped outside after a rain
To check out my back yard.
The grass and trees looked greener
But alas, my view was marred.

My cedar tree had born some fruit
The like I had not seen.
Orange globules hung from branches
And their tentacles looked mean.

I touched one thing, but soon recoiled.
The ‘legs’ all felt like worms.
They had a wormy look and feel
But lacked the proper squirms.

Their overnight appearance
Coupled with their alien look
Unnerved me. So I headed for
The nearest science book.

Well, actually I hit the Net.
I’m not a patient soul.
And even with the World Wide Web
I wasn’t on a roll.

No category would appear
For “Icky Alien Fruit”
And ditto for “an orange thing.”
The web gave me the boot.

When finally I’d concluded
That my search was just a bust
I found on Google Images
The Cedar Apple Rust.

Actually, I felt somewhat vindicated after I read the following link.  I thought of aliens but this more pragmatic lady thought her kids were messing with playdough.

This poem, photo, and link were contributed by longtime commenter and friend Joan Ryan, of Brentwood, Missouri.  Thanks, Joan!




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3 responses to “Alien Encounter

  1. Leslie

    Thanks for the poem, Joan. What a weird looking orange goo to find in a tree.

  2. Joan

    Thanks, Leslie. Actually if it had been gooey in texture it might have been easier to take. I’d have been convinced it was some sort of plant or fungus life, but the thing actually felt like either soft playdough as in the story in that amusing link, or an actual living thingy. It was rather like touching a caterpillar. Then when it dries out it looks even worse. You see a round increasingly bald thing with shriveled ‘hair’. (shudder)

  3. Dave

    Good to see you back, Joan. Or good to see us back. Or good to see Larry back in the swing of things. (You get the idea!)

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