Will The Drama Never End?

I’ve been kicked out of Myrlene’s house, where I had been renting a room the past couple of weeks.  I truly don’t understand what has happened, but after much pondering I’ve come to the conclusion that the girls, led by 18-year-old Bobbie, had begun to resent my presence.  I was continually trying to bring a semblance of order to this squalid house, doing dishes and picking up dog-chewed debris,  and this tendency of mine, I surmise, made their lazy ways appear worse in contrast.

My friend Doug (Ava’s fiancé) has volunteered to bring his pickup truck by this morning and help me move my stuff back to my building, which still lacks power and water.  I really don’t want to return to that oven of a brick building, but I simply have no where else to go.  To top off this seemingly unending chain of bad luck, my cell phone endured a full wash cycle along with my laundry.  I’m hoping I can dry it out.  I may be off the net for a day or two; my next post might well originate from rural New London.

Wish me luck!




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17 responses to “Will The Drama Never End?

  1. Joan

    Oh geesh! What next? Can they do that if you have paid the rent for this month? Even on a month to month basis…you should have been given notice. The Court TV dramas are rift with landlords being punished for unlawful early eviction.

    Sadly, I fear the worst for your phone. Brian permanently cleansed his by laundering it in his winter coat a year or so ago. The good thing was that a brand new one by that time was cheaper than the one he killed. He still had the service because that is immune to washing machines.

    Who do you know in New London? You mentioned possible job prospects in Quincy but not New London.

    I just hate this! Just when things were looking up for you this had to happen. I doubt this is top priority now, but do you know anyone with a workable puter so you can keep in touch?

  2. Joan

    Do you think Bobbie read your blog and took umbrage at her portrayal?

  3. Joan

    I doubt the drama would have ended
    If tenancy were not suspended
    Cause living there with little means
    Surrounded by these drama queens
    Would soon have made you chuck the rent
    And take up living in a tent.
    Sometimes it’s best to let it be
    To save your precious sanity.

    We wish you luck and hope that you
    Will get another room with view
    Perhaps with people of like mind
    Less prickly and of course more kind.
    Meanwhile we’re lined up at the gate
    To hear the latest bout your fate.
    When dust has settled from this flurry
    Please drop a word to those who worry.

    • Dale

      Just so y’all know: Larry is safe with friends, and is currently living where the A/C is on. He has also had that damnable head/chest cold/cough virus, so is a bit under the weather.
      I will see him tonight.

  4. Ava

    Don’t worry about Larry … he’s at our house. Doug just picked him up and brought him over.

    FYI … Doug and I are married!!!! 3 months now 🙂

    Larry will be on line in a few days.


  5. Darrell

    Okay. You’re wished luck.

  6. Joan

    In reply to
    “Will the Drama Never End?”

    Will this dry spell never end?
    I am going round the bend.
    After posting “drama”question to your troops
    You have not stopped in to check
    On your comments here and heck
    We don’t know if there are any other scoops.

    You have been ‘good lucked’ by Darrell
    And you’ve comments by the barrel
    Penned from me in both the prose form and poetic.
    It is ‘bout time for an update
    So how long then must we all wait?
    All this whining make me just appear pathetic.

    If you’re roasting in your oven-
    Like apartment you’re not loving
    Your new freedom I would guess
    From those three women.
    So I hope you’ve found a place
    That’s much cooler to your taste
    Or at least that’s near a pond
    That you can swim in.

    If you get near a computer
    Why, by golly then just boot her
    And access your blog to tell us what you’re doin’.
    Cause unless you touch down soon
    Giving news about new room
    We’ll imagine you have gone to wrack and ruin.

  7. I really doubt Bobbie read the blog, Joan.. I showed Myrlene and the girls one of the first posts and they had reading comprehension issues. If Bobbie did read the recent posts it wouldn’t be the first time something I wrote has gotten me in trouble!

    Darrell’s wish for luck must have made its way to the right ears. Doug came by the Center St. place Tuesday morning and we loaded up my possessions. As far as I knew we were going to my Market St. building. As we drove Doug said “I gotta swing by the house first.” The guy can sure keep a poker face!

    Once we were at Ava and Doug’s double-wide they proudly showed me a room which they were in the process of clearing out. Ava said “This room’s yours, Larry, for as long as you need it!”

    I was so surprised! Truth to tell, it felt like Christmas morning. So here I am, with all of the modern amenities and two musicians to hang out with. I’m grateful, to say the least!

  8. Joan

    Yay! And just so you all don’t think I’m blind as a bat or dense as a brick (Well I might be all of that BUT..) Those comments from Ava and Dave and Bill were not there when I posted my 2nd whinier poem this afternoon. Somehow the blog went from too many Joan comments to a well balanced fan base and my last whine poem went from no 5 to 7. Hmmm. How they snuck in there I don’t know but I’m glad I backtracked. I am so thrilled to not only hear from Larry but Ava!! (and Bill and Dale!) And Congratulations and Best Wishes and all that good stuff to you and Doug, Ava. My verse wish for landlords ‘less prickly and of course more kind’ for Larry could not have turned out better. I did not think to throw in more musical and more compassionate but perhaps good luck wishes actually work, huh Darrell? (Grin)

  9. Virginia

    I’ve sure missed out on a lot of stuff!!! I’ll catch up in my usual back-track reading fashion. So glad you’re in a good place, Larry, and with other musicians! The other place had a detectable hiss of a time bombthat could go off any minute.

    Congratulations Ava and Doug! Be happy forever.
    Joan, I love your poetry-funny or pseudo whiney. You were expressing everyone’s thoughts without knowing it.
    Darrell, Bet you never knew you were a good luck leprechaun 🙂 Bill added luck, and Dale let us know we could all breath freely again.

  10. karen

    Glad to hear you landed in a good place with good people. 🙂

  11. Adrian

    Glad to hear you are out of Hannibal and living in a safe place with friends. Thank you to Ava and Doug for giving my dad a place to live. Back online, A/C, sounds pretty good. Just wondering, did you get your cell phone working? I’ve been trying to call and haven’t been able to get through. Do they have a number at their house I could call?

  12. Thanks for all of the comments, Joan, Virginia, Darrell, Bill, Dale, Ava, and Karen!

    Adrian, my cell phone died an ignominious death whilst enduring a wash cycle, but I have another one now with the same number. Give me a call!

  13. Joan

    Radio Daze


    Inside appeared a magic city
    With glass high rises. Very pretty.
    A futuristic cool fantasy view.

    When one high tower tube grew dark,
    No light, no power, not a spark,
    You had a perfect plan for what to do.

    Pull out the tube and take it down
    To a repair shop in the town.
    They would replace the bulb with one brand new.


    It’s 2010, Surprise! Surprise!
    We’ve all become transistorized.
    Small radio in 55? Who knew?

    Now you would need a microscope
    And microchips, You’d be a dope
    Attempting a repair today. Oh pooh!

    Till you’re instructed by the Gods
    In fixing puters and Ipods
    And radios, you’re more than likely through.

    Unless you know how to replace
    A circuit board in some weird space
    It’s best to give it up and buy anew.

  14. Joan

    oops! this poem should be under the previous topic on slinkies, antennas and radios. Larry if you could please move it.. I’d ‘preciate it. Sorry.

  15. Joan, I liked your poem, and since this post has scrolled way down into the past, I’ll put the poem and the photo you sent me into a brand-new “current” post, so others will see it.

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