The Tide Comes In…

I happened across a very funny video showing Stephen Colbert’s reaction to some grave ponderings from Bill O’Reilly, who should know better.

Thanks go to astronomer Ethan Siegel for calling my attention to the clip. Take a look at his reaction to O’Reilly’s pseudo-philosophical ruminations:

Starts With a Bang

The Colbert video is at the end of the above post.




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5 responses to “The Tide Comes In…

  1. Joan

    …ends with a whimper. (grin) That was almost too sad to be so hilarious. Thanks Larry and Colbert.

  2. Virginia

    I thought it was pretty funny. Colbert’s remark caught me off guard and I laughed out loud.

  3. Leslie

    Thanks, Larry – that was funny. Stephen always manages to make me laugh. Good one.

  4. Darrell

    Does anyone live here anymore?

  5. Oh, I’m still here — but I’ve been a bit distracted. A new apartment, a new job, an old but new-to-me vehicle, being fired from the job due to bad rumors spread by an evil nemesis who is bent on my destruction (my sole renter of part of the building in Hannibal)… the soap opera continues.

    But I’ve been photographing again, and I just spent three days at an Irish music festival in St. Louis with two of my band-mates. I played fiddle fro hours and hours with other musicians and met some very appealing female fiddlers and flautists.

    I have a considerable backlog of posts fermenting in my head. Illustrated, for a change! Check back in a day or two.

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