Joan On Recent Tornadoes

My friend and frequent commenter Joan has written a poem about recent tornadic events — take a look:


(Culled from comments on the Good Friday Tornadoes)

Blame the end times that are near!
Hey!  It’s God whom we must fear.
Could, be Satan here, my dear
Sending out tornadoes swarming.
But we surely can’t be blaming Global Warming.

Blame the victims for their folly
Living in tornado alley
Way too dumb to heed the volley
Of those sirens of prewarning.
But we surely can’t be blaming Global Warming.

Maybe God’s targeting sinners
Are you saved? Then you’re a winner
Atheists He’ll have for dinner
It’s ‘those’ people,  He is harming.
But we surely can’t be blaming Global Warming

Yes, well what about the steeple
Blown from church where all God’s people
Met to worship? Pretty lethal
For a caring God.  Not charming.
Still, we surely can’t be blaming Global Warming 

Melting icecaps? That’s a myth
And the shifting ice-melt drift
Now you’re getting me real miffed
All these people here in mourning
And you’re trying to pin the blame on Global Warming?

Now our dialogue’s eroded 
As our tempers have exploded
And name-calling has corroded
This discussion that was forming
About why this can’t be blamed on Global Warming.

If he road to hell is paved
With those smug that think they’re saved
Cause their death was just now waived
From this catastrophic storming
Will they hold nostalgic thoughts of Global Warming? 


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2 responses to “Joan On Recent Tornadoes

  1. Joan

    Whoops! I gotta keep reminding myself that I can send these things to my friends, with no worries, but with Larry, it might get published. Yikes!
    First off. Of course, there have been may comments showing sympathy and compassion for the hapless victims of this past week’s tornadic conflagration, and a local outpouring of money to the Red Cross. At the same time, whenever a new story is published about the tornado, I’ve been appalled at the mean-spiritness of many commenters.
    It’s a human trait to try to find meaning, whether personal or cosmic, in these horrific disasters. Why did Missouri suffer no deaths nor serious injury while Alabama had over 200 deaths and thousands injured? I doubt we Missourians are any more worthy than Alabamans. It’s the eternal question posed in the book of Job. “Why me, God?” The truly faithful, as well as kind hearted non believers look at this horror as an opportunity to help neighbors. Others not so much. I didn’t even get into the political diatribes. There were already complaints showing up against future government help. I guess that is ‘socialism’. Ah well.
    Let me wrap this up by saying. We are thankful that Brentwood was spared. We spent 45 minutes in the basement, my eldest, the same amount of time in a sturdy parking garage. My youngest had no place to hide at work. (shudder). It has not been a pleasant couple of weeks. Hope you all are are fine and the people currently displaced and threatened by floods will see the waters recede soon.
    Larry, so glad to have you back. Have missed hearing your voice and seeing your photos.

  2. Thanks, Joan! I’m in one of my manic periods so you can expect many more posts in the coming days.

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