On Blogging

This WordPress blogging software I use has an interesting feature: it somehow records search engine requests which have brought an anonymous reader to my site. Here are some current examples:

larry ayers riverside rambles, boyfriends truck in her driveway, i’m still listening for my father’s words; newsweek (new york); jun 11, 2007, people who live on boxcar trains, nun social security joke

I wish some of these readers would leave comments! I’m just curious, and I like to get feedback.

Lately I’ve been getting about forty-five hits every day. I imagine most of these hits are from friends and family. That’s okay — after all, these are the people I care about.

Lately I’ve been going to visit my Facebook page. I resisted Facebook for several years, but I finally came to the conclusion that resistance is futile. Just about all of my friends and family members post there, so I’m trying to learn to use the site.



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One response to “On Blogging

  1. Joan

    What is even more ‘twilight zone’ about those quotes is the link to the nun social security joke was posted in comments under the nun jokes title by me, was told to me as a real story, was not titled, and didn’t specifiy social security as I recall. Just retirement. Even if you go to the post, you won’t find that subject matter unless you hit comments..and who knows how many people do that?

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