Playing Music With Christians

Occasionally I eat at a Greek restaurant downtown. There is some back-story, but you’ll have to scroll down to read the relevant posts.

The restaurant has some very good cooks and I’m trying to learn to cook some of the dishes they feature. A bonus attraction is a very cute waitress who treats me well.

I had eaten some hummus there a few days ago; I was getting ready to leave when I noticed a couple sitting and waiting for a take-out order, I assumed. They looked like a hippie couple from the early seventies. The guy had dreadlocks gathered into sort of a bun at the back of his head, and his girl had long brown hair and was just beautiful, in that archaic hippie way; no makeup, etc., but she certainly didn’t need any!

Well, my curiosity (hasn’t killed this cat yet!) was aroused. I walked over to the couple and said, “You don’t look like Quincy people!”

The guy said, “Yeah, we live here, but we also travel a lot.”

We got to talking, and once the pair learned that I’m a musician, they invited me to a music session at 8th and Adams, on the South Side of Quincy.

“We’re starting in about half an hour!”

“I’ll go home and get my fiddle, and I’ll meet you there, okay?”

What the couple didn’t tell me that the session was 90% music and 10% fundamentalist Christian stuff. I’m a fairly tolerant guy, but I don’t usually hang out with people who have logically indefensible views.

The guy is a good singer and guitarist and his girl is a beginning 5-string banjo player. There were two drummers at the session as well. We made some good music together; I do love to improvise dreamily.

Before I left I felt that I had to make a statement:

“This has been fun and all, but just let me warn you: if you ever try to lay some of that Christian dogma on me, or try to convert me, you’ll never see me again! What do you say?”

“That’s cool Larry. We’ll try to hold off; you seem to be the sort of guy who is irredeemable.”

“You got it! I’m damned and quite happy about it! After all, the best musicians are in hell…”




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