While Doin’ Laundry –Two Photos

Sometimes it just becomes bothersome having to do quotidian tasks. Feeding myself, keeping the place clean, making sure I have clean clothes — frankly, I wouldn’t mind being a European nobleman back in the Middle Ages with an entourage of servants.

But we all have to accept our lot in life. Today I needed to do a load of laundry. I had been putting off the task, but today I set off for the laundromat at 8th and Vermont, just a few blocks from my place. I always take a book to read when I do laundry, but the weather was so nice that I took off walking instead.

I encountered a neglected patch of some sort of iris next to someone’s house. We’re near the end of the iris season here in Quincy, but this particular variety just captivated me. A couple of photos:

I had a hell of a time uploading these photos to WordPress.com — the site just wouldn’t accept them. But we all have bumps in the road, don’t we?



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