An Encounter With A Neighbor

I was sitting at the computer tonight, trying to sort through the intricate web of FaceBook relationships which seem to keep multiplying and proliferating like blue mold on an old orange.

I heard a noise out in the hall; my door wasn’t locked so I thought I should see who was out there. Quincy is placid, but there are sociopaths and ne’er-do-wells everywhere. I was trying to be reasonably prudent — I needed to check it out.

I opened the door and saw my upstairs neighbor on her way out, carrying a suitcase. She’s not here much — I’ve only talked with her twice.

She’s a cheerful and pretty young woman — she might be about 25 years old. She’s a nurse at Blessing Hospital. I said:

“Headin’ out to your guy’s place?”

“Yeah, I’m off to Kirksville for a few days.”

“Well, you have a good trip!”

“Thanks — I’m hoping I don’t run into any rain!”

She went on down the stairs and I returned to this addictive computer. I need to go to bed, and lock my door!



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