Hash Browns, 7-Letter Style

I just had to pass this along to readers who like to cook. Dance-caller 7-Letter Deborah posted this recipe on her Facebook page; I tried it tonight and the result was my first successful attempt to make hash-brown potatoes:

Peel and shred 3 potatoes (1 lb). WRING OUT in a cloth towel (this is the key). Toss w/ 1/4 t of salt and 1/8 t pepper. Heat 1/2 T butter in large skillet, distribute potatoes and PRESS HARD w/ spatula (also key). Fry on 1 side w/o stirring for 6 min, slide onto plate. Melt 1/2 T butter and fry on other side, pressing again, for 5 minutes. So yum!

I had to restrain myself: I kept wanting to put diced onions, chopped chile peppers, and garlic in this recipe, but I felt it would be better to cook the basic recipe first.

The key element of the recipe, I’ve concluded, is using a towel to remove moisture from the grated potatoes.




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3 responses to “Hash Browns, 7-Letter Style

  1. Joan

    what kind of potatoes? I never know if it’s russet or new potatoes or what.

  2. I used russets, because they are the best buy, but if I had my druthers I’d use yellow-fleshed potatoes, Yukon Gold or suchlike.

  3. That’s interesting, and it makes sense. I will give the towel method a try next time I get the urge to try making “fresh-fries” (as my mother called them.)

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