It’s been drizzling this evening; I set out on a walk, although I knew I’d get damp. I was walking south on 14th St. and saw a car with the doors open, and I heard some loud music coming from the car stereo or radio. It sounded familiar; I asked a young black woman, who was exiting the car, “What is that song?”

She said, “Oh, that’s Adele — isn’t that a cool song?”

I’m thoroughly immersed in the musical past, and I don’t pay a lot of attention to current music, but I remembered a musical NPR concert and interview I’d heard a few weeks ago. Adele is a young woman from the UK who has picked up on the Ella Fitzgerald approach to singing jazzy, bluesy songs; the funny thing is that she talks with a broad British accent, while she sings with a very American Black sort of accent; she has evidently absorbed the Billie Holiday — Ella Fitzgerald — Bessie Smith approach to singing a song. An example:

Rolling In The Deep

Isn’t she good?



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  1. Joan

    She was a guest singer on Dancing With the Stars. Very impressive voice. Sang the same song but without the surrealist photos to go with. Geesh! What is that stuff. It looked like first a problem with alcohol, second, a person with a big cocaine problem (grin) but when they got to the broken dishes I gave up trying to make sense of it. Too bad the video didn’t go with the song. Or is it just me? It frequently is just me 🙂

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