Musical Crossovers From An Early Era

The 1960s was a very musically creative era, sort of like Italy and Germany during the 17th and 18th centuries. What interests me is how songs from different genres passed back and forth, from black soul, country, to rock, and occasionally to straight-ahead blues.

An example:

Smokey Robinson and the Miracles Original Version

Marvin Gaye’s later version of “Heard It Through Through Grapevine”

CCR’s cover version

And then there is, as Joan called her in an earlier post comment, that “force of nature” singer Tina Turner, in a full-scale arena version, with fire and special effects:

I Heard It Through The Grapevine

It seems to me that musical genres are more insulated from each other these days — back in the day all forms of music were broadcast on the same stations. What do you think?

BTW, don’t listen to these four versions sequentially — you’ll have a “Grapevine Overload”!




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5 responses to “Musical Crossovers From An Early Era

  1. Joan

    Wow! Larry. Thanks for the great tour. I was very impressed with Marvin Gaye’s version, but was dumbstruck by his audience’s almost comatose appearance. Whassup with that? It’s like they handed out downers before the show. I liked that version, and the explosive Tina’s version the best. Someone in comments under the Tina vid, said she did this one 11 years after that one (I think it was in 2000) and that it was even better. I can’t even fathom how old she must be. She must have a portrait in her house that is doing the aging for her. (grin)

  2. Joan

    P.S. I’m now getting the urge to rent “The Big Chill”. Wonder how that happened. 🙂

  3. I’ve never seen “The Big Chill” — something of a cross-section of an era, as I recollect. Off to Wikipedia I go…

  4. After reading the Wikipedia article, I realized I have seen that movie, but it must have been over twenty years ago. Here’s a great song from Wilson Pickett which was in that movie — I love the dance moves of that era; I can’t do them but I do enjoy seeing them:

  5. Joan

    Has it been that long? We see a lot of things on VCR (and eventually disk). Well practically everything, actually, so it’s usually a shock to rent something we know we liked back when and find it didn’t age well. The score on this one is ageless though. Thanks!

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