On Walking

I have been a walker for the past forty years; it took me a while to appreciate the benefits of the activity. While I’m walking I usually either compose paragraphs in my mind or mentally play variations of tunes I know. The down side of this is that I often get lost, not taking the right turn-off. Oh, well, I can live with that!

Walking not only benefits digestion, but I get to see up close and personal what people have planted in their yards. The iris and dogwood season is coming to a close, but now the early roses are starting to bloom. The tulip trees have bloomed and they are presently engaged in littering the side-walks with their discarded petals.

This evening there was rumbling thunder and intermittent drizzle — a nice time for a walk. A couple of photos:

A tree, which may have been a soft maple, had been cut down and cut up on Maine Street:

I do get a kick out seeing remnants of brick pavement which have been asphalted over, when the asphalting wears away in patches, revealing the original street surface:

One benefit of walking is that you can walk with impunity the wrong way down a one-way street!



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