Dragged Kicking And Screaming

I’ve been blogging since the spring of 2004, back when I was happily married and living at a bucolic rural place in Knox County, Missouri. Unfortunately, the early posts have disappeared into digital oblivion, due to hard drive failures and the lack of a back-up system. On the plus side, those stories I told back then live on in my mind and I can tell them again, and perhaps more skillfully. Practice makes perfect, after all!

Luckily for me, many of the photos I took during those years were saved to commenter Joan’s hard drive, and she mailed them to me on a series of CD discs. Thanks, Joan!

I was dimly aware of Facebook during the site’s early years. I set up a log-in identity, but I just didn’t like the site at first. Gradually I became aware that just about all of my friends and relatives spend a significant amount of time at the site. Okay, now I admit that I’m a convert. It’s a quick and easy way to keep up with many people. It’s kinda insidious; a software robot at Facebook is aware of people you know and gratuitously tells you about people who know people you know. The trick, I’ve figured out, is to limit the people who are classified as your “Facebook friends”. Can you be a “friend” of someone you have never met? Well, yeah, up to a point.

Will Facebook replace the blog? I don’t think so; there will always be a need for longer and more substantive essays on the net. The down-side is that it can be a time-sink, especially if you have too many virtual “friends”.




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5 responses to “Dragged Kicking And Screaming

  1. Joan

    1. Larry, Check your e-mail. It’s important. 2. I’d be glad to ‘friend’ you if I knew the drill.. but all I’ve ever gotten is e-mails from someone’s site asking if I want to be ‘friended’. It seemed like a form letter from Facebook, so I ignored it.

  2. Joan

    OK. My younger son finally informed his clueless mother that you have to join Facebook to be able to read Facebook. Duh. That explains why I keep getting family histories of Ayers guys all over the planet, except Quincy. Joining? Well… I’ll have to ponder that. I’m not a joiner, and there is something about being ‘out there’ that I find a tad unsettling, for an under the radar person. Tis no accident that I do comments instead of blogging. Facebook? What if I get unfriended. (grin)
    Sooo. Maybe I’ll learn to tweet. Although, to save my life, I cannot think of anything worth tweeting about. I keep hearing my not so sainted mother saying things like “don’t toot your own horn”. 🙂

  3. Aw, just do it, Joan! Facebook will tell you about things like impending birthdays, anniversaries, and suchlike. And you don’t have to go there!

    If not for Facebook I probably wouldn’t have seen a photo of my nephew Kyle holding his new daughter. Oh, eventually I would have, I’m sure, but I appreciated the access…

  4. Joan

    I do my birthdays the old fashioned way. With a list. If I forget one, then that is fine. My peeps are at the age where they will thank me. At any rate, anyone who is too trifling to attach their grandkids’ pictures to an e-mail, is not doing their job as a doting grand-parent or grand-kid, so it’s their loss that they don’t get to read my billing and cooing.

  5. I don’t often encounter the phrase “billing and cooing”, but it’s an expressive one. Joan as solicitous dove!

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