Hosta And Iris Time

This spring here by the Mississippi has been just ideal for plant growth. No late frosts and just the ideal amount of rainfall. I’ve just been amazed as I walk around town by the profusion of vegetation and flower blooms.

I like hostas; they’re originally from Asia and they have a genetic plasticity which has allowed breeders to create many new varieties during the past fifty years. I’m particularly fond of the large-leaved blue-green varieties. I was amazed recently to learn that the plant genus is related to asparagus, but then I get amazed easily. Here’s a shot of a particularly nice patch of such a hosta variety just down the street from my place:

Is this profusion of blooms perhaps a single peony? I’m more familiar with the convoluted double forms, which old ladies in Knox County, MO call “pinies”:

It’s raining lightly here in Quincy this morning; I saw a woman with an umbrella across the street walking some small variegated-fur dog. I walked across the street and asked her what the breed of the dog might be.

“Gosh, I have no idea! My mother was living in Memphis and somehow she’d gotten this puppy; then my mother died and I ended up with the dog. She’s a friendly dog, but she’s twelve years old and has hip problems.”

I petted the little dog, and said, ” Maybe some Australian Shepherd blood?”

“Could be — she’s always tryin’ to herd me by pushin’ against my leg!”



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