Tormented Dogs

I’m not too fond of small yappy dogs — I’m sure their owners cherish and love them, but they annoy me. The only time I’ve ever been bitten by a dog (skin-piercing bitten) was by a nasty little white dog — my ex-wife and I were visiting an old woman; they were involved in a quilting project. We rang the doorbell, the woman came to the door, and the little dog ran out and bit me on the calf. Dogs confined and banned from roaming and hanging out with other dogs inevitably become neurotic. The same thing happens with people!

Diagonally across the street from me there lives a yappy little dog. It’s an irritable dog and will yap for minutes at a time. If I had a gun here I’d shoot it.

I’m reminded of Vladimir Nabokov’s novel Pale Fire, one of my favorite novels with an insane protagonist. An unreliable narrator, you might say. During one of the opening passages of the novel the narrator abruptly interjects, “There is a very loud amusement park right in front of my present lodgings.”

This is so amusing to me, as it is a way that the novelist can let the reader know that the narrator,Charles Kinbote, is not quite in control of his faculties. He’s twisted, brilliant in his own way, and as weird as Sheldon on the TV show “The Big Bang Theory”, but Sheldon is a nicer guy, and in his own way tries to do the right thing.




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2 responses to “Tormented Dogs

  1. Joan

    Glad you don’t have a gun. I sympathize with your frustration though.
    In our neighborhood, dogs abound. Big..vocal.. large enough to ride to to work dogs. If you have no kids, then you can afford one of these show dogs. There are labs, husky mixes, something that looks part St. Bernard. Have never seen so many huge species. They are behind fences, but all you have to do to set one off is go out in your yard, because.. Wow!! The dogs think your yard is their yard. Also, you get to listen to them vocalize as you walk down the street, because even though you are 30 plus feet from them, you are a BIG threat, and are obviously invading their territory. If you are walking another dog. This is even worse. The howling can be heard for blocks. That’s the outside experience. Then there is the early morning wake ups. For some reason, every time an owner leaves for work, seems cause for his dog to have a nervous breakdown. In dog think, apparently the more he howls, the more apt the owner will be to hear him and come home. The fact that it does not work does not seem to dissuade the dog . The next day, he starts afresh. I assure you, I don’t need an alarm clock to know when it’s 8:00 around here. The neurotic dog alarm is enough.
    As for yippy dogs. I can take them. I especially like my neighbors Maltese. It looks like one of my old stuffed toys. The reason I can take them? They are cute. They are always walked on a leash because they are pretty hyper. They are by and large inside dogs, and the houses around here are well insulated.
    Do I like any pets? Hmm. I like to pet them. Other peoples. On a leash preferably. I like cats ..sorta unless they are loose in my yard after my favorite batch of robins. I like all pets on TV. Do I own any pets? I used to like goldfish until it came time to clean the tank.

  2. “Large enough to ride to work”: love that, Joan. A neighbor up the street has two large white poodles; the older one is friendly but the younger one looks like it might bite. The young poodle prances around like a deer; those long skinny legs reinforce the comparison.

    Then there is the Great Pyrenees dog who lives up the street. He or she recently got shaved for the summer and looks a bit abashed. The dog looks at me as I walk by and seems to say, “They cut my hair! I’m still the guardian of this place, but I’m rather traumatized — keep your distance!”

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