Spring Scenes

It’s such fun walking around Quincy during this fertile spring — here are a couple of photos I took while I was doing laundry — this catalpa tree trunk is just wondrously twisted and contorted:

Hop clover is an alien plant from Eurasia, a legume which few people ever notice. I like it, though! Minute yellow flowers — I know you’ve seen it before:




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3 responses to “Spring Scenes

  1. Joan

    Now this is another plant, like your previous ‘decorative’ weed/wildflower arrangement next to a sidewalk. I can’t tell if it just grew there in the cracks or it was planted. I kind of think the latter. Still, what a great way to learn about wildflowers. One man’s flower is another’s weeds, I guess. It’s all a manner of how you look at them.
    I’m going to look this one up. It looks like a round yellow clover or globe amaranth, but I don’t have a closeup.

  2. Joan

    P.S. I’d like to see the top of that tree. It’s sort of like looking at the feet of giants and not being able to see the whole figure. Wonder if the thing is bent over as much as it looks to be.

  3. A tree tormented by having to live under a power line. Some trees figure it out, others don’t. I’ll post a shot of the top of the tree tomorrow. I’m a big fan of the trees in the genus Tilia! There are some wonderful examples of that genus along Hampshire St., between N.14th and N. 18th St. I’m assuming that they are European Lindens, a close relative of our native basswood.

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