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I used to listen to recordings of Joe Satriani playing his Strat years ago; he’s yet another guitar virtuoso. Today I happened across this video:

I’ve had a musical problem in the past — if I listen too often to players much better than I am, I become discouraged and don’t play much. It’s better if I just play as well as I can!

I wondered about why Satriani was wearing a stocking cap during several videos during this time-period, presumably in a well-heated auditorium. I suspected the advent of male pattern-baldness. In videos from subsequent years the guitarist had shaved his head, more-or-less confirming my hypothesis.




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7 responses to “More Music

  1. Joan

    You don’t have to worry about this guy. I’m sure you play much better than this.

  2. No, I don’t, Joan — I’m humble enough to admit that. But thanks anyway!

  3. Joan

    Larry, this guy is no Roy Buchanan or even Hendrix. Just a lot of screaming riffs do not a Buchanan make. (She says with her infinite non-knowledge of guitar players…:))

  4. I have to admit that you are right, Joan!

  5. Virginia

    This is my favorite Joe Satriani piece Wait for the guitarist. It’s a sweet melody.

  6. Joan

    I like Virginia’s favorite much better. More soulful…. The fellow is talented. I think, though I am not quite accustomed to the extremely high pitched sliding riffs. I don’t have the problem with Buchanan…but then I’ve not heard enough of either to be a judge.

  7. That was good, Virginia — equaling the best of Hendrix, Zappa, or Buchanan.

    Joan, I’m kinda accustomed to the high-pitched sliding riffs –but then I grew up with such music, a backdrop to my life.

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