The Beatles

Back in 1971, a high-school friend and fellow geek, John Harshman, loaned me a couple of Beatles LPs. He told me, “You gotta listen to this stuff!”

I said, “I heard that band back in the early sixties playing on the Ed Sullivan TV show — I think the song was ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’; they’re still playing?”

I was a bit out of touch with popular culture back then — mostly reading novels and writing in my journal.

I was particularly impressed by this early song, which incorporated so many American pop and folk influences:

Love Me Do

I listened to the LPs (“Magical Mystery Tour” and “Sgt. Pepper’s”) and realized that the Beatles were a cultural force of nature. Just impeccable song-writing and playing. I really don’t think we’ve seen the like since then. But perhaps you have — any suggestions?




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3 responses to “The Beatles

  1. Joan

    That would not be my first choice of a favorite Beatle song, but then each new one was a step up in both musicality and sophistication. A little factoid: That one supposedly included the drummer employed before Ringo. It was not impressive enough of a factoid for me to remember the drummer’s name, however. 🙂
    As for as innovation, I was told by the music teacher at my school where I taught art (?) years ago that they were the single greatest influence in our time (or century…can’t remember which. I assume that does not include the jazz age.)
    Now Monty, the music teacher, was what I considered an old duffer,cause I was about 23. He retired a few years later. I was pleasantly surprised he was not anti-anything having to do with the Beatles. Around that time I was a co-sponsor of a youth group at Christ Church Cathedral, and the kids, all of whom were in the choir elected to sing “Help Me”. as a prayerful.. “Help me God”..kind of song. BTW. This was the choice of the choir master. I am not that brave. During the service, a A bunch of senior citizens, right in front of us got up and stormed out of the church. Many others followed. Another example of warm compassionate church people. We eventually switched to a church which had two services. Folk Mass and High(ish) mass for the blue-haired crowd. (grin)
    Well, as far as anyone coming near them in the composing field. Paul Simon is pretty darned good .. but probably naaah.
    Didn’t Beatle’s Paul write a Mass awhile back, BTW?

  2. The original drummer was Pete Best. Supposedly the boys kicked him out of the band because he was better looking than they were. He ended up driving a trash truck.

  3. Joan

    Apparently he wasn’t the Best. Gosh! That’s a real step down. I wonder if the story is true or just an interesting urban legend.

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