German Girl’s Out-Of-Control Bash

I just happened to hear a brief story on NPR this morning; it’s one of those trivial but amusing stories, which can be a welcome relief now and then from the relentless supply of depressing news stories.

Birthday Party Gone Wild

I wonder if there was any video taken of this melee?




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9 responses to “German Girl’s Out-Of-Control Bash

  1. Joan

    Did you mention your own birthday on your facebook page? You could have started one of these in Quincy. šŸ™‚
    Maybe next year!

  2. No, I didn’t mention my birthday, but Facebook software robots mentioned my birthday via e-mail to everyone I know or am related to, so I had several greetings. The whole process is rather unsettling…

    Quincy as a community isn’t well-suited to riots and melees. I know you were just kidding, Joan!

  3. Joan

    Boy! Are you kidding me? Just another reason I don’t want to join Facebook. Birthday robots? That is indeed kind of creepy. So far my insurance company and a few annoyingly organized and relentlessly cheery friends are the only ones who know my birthday, which is fine with me. I never remind anyone. What is really unsettling is to get a card or present from someone whose birthday I forgot. (blush)

  4. The worst thing is when one of those robots gets laid off from Facebook and shows up at your door, wanting to move in with you for a while. They are really hard to get rid of!

  5. Joan

    Well, on the good side, you won’t have to feed him/her/it but on the bad side, it probably requires batteries.
    Personally I’d sick the Dictionary Demon on him. He’s fierce!

  6. Oh, it’s happened time and time again! Weird and malign internet entities show up here from time to time, but the Demon accosts them if their intentions are impure — the result is a roiling mass of undifferentiated bytes. I sweep them up and press them into service; they can be helpful under duress, keeping the place clean and helping with the cooking.

    It’s like digital indentured servitude. You would be amazed to see these digital entities after they have served their time (which these days is about a week) — typically they rejoice and flock off down the digital pathways to join up with Eastern European virus authors.

  7. Joan

    Most of my weird and malign internet entities confine themselves to screwing up my computer and do not overflow. That is bad enough. My autorun sys quit mysteriously 3 days ago which precluded my importing any photos from my camera. After trying every cure short of re-installing windows, I happened upon a utube video from CNN. On the upper right was a box that said “Your autorun sys. is off? Do you want to turn it on?”.
    As it happens I did. I may start believing in miracles again. Somehow this cured it.

    I do believe I have weird and malign spiritual entities in the house though. They leave the cabinet doors open in the kitchen. They eat one sock. They steal and relocate my glasses, my husband’s cell phone, one shoe, the sales ticket I must have to return a defective item. They are very creative. Only yesterday I found they’d put the ice cream in the fridge and not the freezer.

  8. The sock demon is the most mysterious. Every time I do laundry, while folding the clothes a single sock shows up, as if it were saying “Who, me?” I try to keep track of my socks, but evidently single socks regularly migrate off to another dimension. Is there a sock Promised Land, an otherworldly place where they celebrate their liberation from the burdensome necessity to clad our feet in pairs?

  9. Joan

    If there is a sock heaven, my single socks have been raptured along with Brian’s. Even when we put the orphan socks aside, sure enough after the next wash, a new pitiful lonesome sock appears.

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