The Sun Erupts

It’s easy to take the sun for granted; it always shines and really, if you think about it, without it we could not survive. Here are some videos of recent perturbations on our sun’s surface which I found to be quite amazing:

Take A Look




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5 responses to “The Sun Erupts

  1. Virginia

    What a great video of a solar prominence eruption! The sun is active again after a two-year snooze. There will be more pretty images to follow. Luckily this once wasn’t focused our way, so didn’t knock out any electrical networks.

  2. My first attempt to write with what seems to be a changed system.
    This image made me recall my first look at the sun with this sort of imaging system back in the early ’80’ in the San Fernando Valley. There was a small astronomy shop set up by a young “Mom ‘n Pop ” couple, and they had a Celestron Schmidt Cassegrain scope set up in front of the store with this sort of viewing attached; it was amazing . . . always before when I was at Eugene Field, we had to use dark filters that were dangerous and of limited value . . or we had to project solar images beyond the prime focus. BUT this was live stuff. I was a bit uneasy at first when I wondered what I might be doing to my eyeball, but got over it. Much had changed in the methodology since 1958 . . but the great star blazer of the Sun remained. Stars last quite a while by human standards.
    A sad afternote . . . when the Rodney King riots broke out, the little astronomy shop was sacked (like Henry’s Camera and a host of others) . . . and never re-opened as far as I knew.

  3. Darrell, I wonder what it would take for riots to erupt here in placid Quincy. Maybe when the price of food doubles again?

  4. Riots? Donno. The last Illinois riots were in the ’60’s in Gary and Hammond . . . but that was Indiana. My Dad told me about the Springfield race riots of the ’20’s. Allegedly, his cousin was a witness and said the Illinois National Guard (called in to restore peace) was shooting blacks for no cause.

  5. Oops . . . I think it was the 1908 riot Dad was speaking about. His cousin was older and Dad would still have been a kid at home in 1908 . . . but out and working by the ’20’s.

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