Blue Moon

Here in North America we will be unable to witness the latest eclipse of the moon. Aw, well, there are worse fates.

I was over at Greg Laden’s blog at this morning, and as a compensation he provided a link to this wonderful cover of an old Elvis Presley song, Blue Moon; the Cowboy Junkies, eleven years ago:

Isn’t Margo Timmins just wonderful singing this song?




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4 responses to “Blue Moon

  1. Joan

    Nice, but I think you meant ‘song’ down there Larry instead of ‘sing’ . I feel better that I was not the only one asleep at the wheel last night. (grin)
    This is a very old song, but I have never heard this version or this breathy artist. It was a standard at high school dances, as I recall. I also think it was played a lot on the sax.
    I looked it up on Wicki, and since Rogers and Hart composed it mid 1930’s it’s gone through several different rewrites by the composers. Most of them seem to start at the chorus nowadays and I had never heard the first part. Thought I had the wrong video. Take a look at the over 70 covers of this song at the bottom of the wiki page. It’s amazing.

  2. Thanks for the editing, Joan! I returned the favor by editing your comment — the song was composed during the 1930s rather than the 1030s, I have to assume.

  3. Joan

    I put ‘mid’ 1930’s deliberately because I couldn’t remember if it was 1935 or 36 and did not want to re-access Widipedia What exactly was corrected? Did I forget the ‘s?
    At any rate, the massive amount of artists that covered this song is daunting. I think it’s going to last. (grin)

  4. Joan

    uh…that would be “Wikipedia’ (sigh…)

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