TV Story-telling

I like stories. I’ll go through a period of reading novels, then for a change I’ll visit a local video store and rent (for as little as a buck) episodes of TV shows. Here are my current recommendations:

The second season of the show “Medium”; while I don’t believe in psychic abilities, the interplay between Allison DuBois (played by Patricia Arquette) and the Phoenix DA (played by Miguel Sandoval) is remarkable. The contrast between the household scenes, Allison and her husband Joe dealing with young daughters, and the legal scenes makes the show work. Rent it.

And then there is “House”. Hugh Laurie’s depiction of a crippled and Vicodin-addicted doctor is just first-rate. The friction, with a romantic tinge, between Gregory House and his boss Lisa Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) is truly well-conceived. The show is quite a contrast from Laurie’s younger days playing opposite Stephen Fry in the classic British comedy “Jeeves and Wooster”.

I’m also really fond of “The Big Bang Theory”. The interplay of the characters is masterfully written and performed. What would it be like to live with an annoying and arrogant genius, Sheldon Cooper (played by Jim Parsons) — it’s fun to watch from afar. Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco are perfect foils for Sheldon’s autistic peculiarities.

Any recommendations?




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2 responses to “TV Story-telling

  1. Joan

    “The Good Wife”…although I don’t know if it is out on disk superlative. Terrific ensemble cast and the scripts are outstanding.
    I’ve already taped 3 years of Big Bang, so I’m good to go.. I got the DVD of the first year for Xmas, but now that we have the converter box for our regular TV, the tapes are just as clear and no cost. . Next fall will be season 5 and it’s still hilarious.
    Sheldon (aka Jim Parsons )got an Emmy already. Maybe two. He’s also in a broadway play.. I Forget the name.
    Two and A Half Men…with the infamous Charlie Sheen, is running in perpetual reruns, so it’s probably out in a set of disks.
    I agree House is well done, but it’s an acquired taste for me, that I have not yet acquired. Something about seeing a supposed doctor verbally abusing his supposed patients makes me want to smack him and any real doctor who comes even close. There are enough prima donnas in the real medical world without my enjoying this one. Also, the deus machina endings take the suspense out of it. Somebody should actually die under his care once in awhile to keep it at least marginally realistic.
    Am lucky enough to get very OLD reruns of classics on something called Antenna Network. Last night I watched an hilarious Bill Cosby episode concerning the lousy father’s day presents he gets from his kids.
    That reminds me, BTW, Happy Father’s Day…Larry!!

  2. Thanks,Joan! I’ve seen a few episodes of “The Good Wife” back when I was in Hannibal. And “Two And Half Men” is pretty good, too. I’d like to review some of the old episodes of “Taxi” — it’s been years since I’ve seen them, Christopher Lloyd was a great character in that show.

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