Bats and Squirrels

It’s always unsettling to encounter wild creatures in your house. Take a look at this photo by Bev Wigney; a squirrel she found in her kitchen:

In her Facebook comments Bev also mentioned finding bats in her house. I’ve told this story before, but please indulge me and allow me to tell it again.

It was back in the 1990s. My ex and I were sound asleep in our upstairs bedroom. I was awakened by the whooshing sound of a bat zooming around near the ceiling. I blearily thought, “I don’t want to deal with this! Maybe it’ll find it’s way out…”

Then the bat landed on the pillow right next to my head with an audible “plop”. Why? By then I was truly awake. I got up and caught the bat in a cap, accidentally killing it in the process. Too bad, but I really don’t like sharing a pillow with a possibly rabid bat.

At that time a half-grown kestrel was living in the house, hanging out on a high window-sill in the kitchen. I presented the little raptor with the dead bat and the kestrel spent about four hours devouring it. There wasn’t much left when it was finished.




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2 responses to “Bats and Squirrels

  1. bev

    Now that is a good bat story. After I moved here last summer, the first time the bats flew into my bedroom, the sound of them circling over my bed woke me up. In my half-asleep state, I watched them spinning around and around, thinking that I must have left the ceiling fan on. After a time, I remembered that this house has no ceiling fans. I puzzled over that for awhile longer and finally realized it was a small herd of bats that seemed to have become mesmerized into circling repeatedly over my bed. I hit the nearby keyboard on my computer, which lit up the screen. Guess the bats didn’t like that too much as they all spun out the doorway within seconds.

  2. Thanks, Bev! Another good bat story!

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