Mother Nature Gets Riled Up

Another title possibility: Natural Pruning

At one o’clock this morning I was sleeping soundly. I heard a bashing at my door; I thought it was my downstairs neighbor Scotty, a young roofer, probably wanting to bum a cigarette and induce me to come down to his place and talk. I ignored the bashing; I didn’t want to talk with anyone just then — I just wanted to sleep. Then the bashing resumed. Oh, hell, I thought; I reluctantly got up and discovered that strong wind and rain were coming through my kitchen window. The wind was causing my unlocked hallway door to repeatedly bang. I shut the window, locked the door, and went back to sleep for a while. I got up at dawn; I mopped up the floor and went out for a walk along Maine St.

Such arboreal devastation! There must have been 60 MPH (or more) straight-line winds racing through Quincy last night. The sidewalks were blocked by torn-off tree branches as much as eight inches in diameter. Just on Maine Street, the tree debris, even if chipped up, would fill a railroad freight car. I’ve never seen the like. The electricity is off in the North Side of Quincy and has been for several hours. Must have been some lightning strikes! I was at the Hy-Vee grocery store early this morning and a woman walked by me and said, “Damn, this is the only place to get a cup of coffee this morning! The rest of town is just shut down!”




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15 responses to “Mother Nature Gets Riled Up

  1. Joan

    Here are links from the Quincy Herald Whig first one about the water plant..second photos

  2. Joan

    I left a link to pictures and it’s waiting for moderation..meaning it doesn’t show up. In the event that it’s because of the links…I’m posting this one to see it it works. Larry, why don’t you take some pictures too?

  3. Joan

    Ok.. these comments work, so Larry, please get my Quincy Herald Whig links out of limbo. They are spectacular pics of huge tree damage in Quincy. You are lucky to have lights. Here in Brentwood, I just heard this wailing wind and it was over us in about 10 minutes. Northern MO and probably IL got the worst of it.

  4. Wonderful Herald-Whig photos of this terrible storm, Joan! Thanks for uploading the links.

  5. Joan

    You’re welcome, Larry. Although this may be selfish I’m just glad they are not of Brentwood. We did get some of our businesses flooded out that are located near Black Creek which, thank heavens is waaay at the bottom of our hill.
    How’s the water supply doing in Quincy today? That seems the most dangerous at the moment, and of course when the heat shoots up and nobody has electricity for air..there will be greater danger.

  6. Well, I have water and electricity (obviously), but the local NPR station has been off the air for hours.

  7. Larry, don’t mind NPR . . it’s the bastion of “lapses” Ha! Ha! BUT guess I’d better call my sister who lives in Quincy just in case.

    I got your note on Bleeker Street (glad you liked it too) but suddenly lapsed into a reverie about the previous decade and DJ Dick Biondi 0ut of WLS in Chicago. It’s back with the “Dead” in an earlier post.

  8. Joan

    Larry, how did your parents’ and friend Jeff fare in the electricity outage gamble? It’s always very iffy on our street. We can be out of electricity for a week on some of these freak storms and the people across the street have power. The water story, such as it was this A.M. said water was good for 2 days..but they were worried about the flooding.

  9. Haven’t heard from my Dad, but checked his blog this morning ( and read nothing disturbing.

    Jeff stopped by my place last night and told me he was trying to help out elderly Helen Pool. She’s the widow of a prominent Quincy judge. She’s been without power for a day or so. He watches out for her, which is a good thing. Her son Rod will be in Quincy today.

  10. There was damage in south Quincy by the park, my sister reports.

  11. Joan

    More pictures of big huge downed tree damage have been added to the link from the Q. Herald Whig. Camp Point photos, more Quincy photos and one from St. Mary’s Ave in Hannibal are in the list. Here’s the link again.

  12. Joan

    There was an article in the Hannibal Courier Post yesterday about students helping with debris in Riverview Park. In it they mentioned how much better off River View Park was compared to Quincy’s parks, which have sustained major damage. That is the first I have heard of park damage. Do you live near a park, Larry?

    I was surprised at looking at your Dad’s pictured blog walk on “From the Orlop,”
    that there were no damaged trees in that area with those big estates, but perhaps that was before the storm.. You and your family were lucky. A friend I know from there is still having to use a generator. Here are two articles from the Herald Whig. The first is s about how many are out of electricity throughout and the storm damage

    Here’s the report of how many and who are trying to fix it and the difficulty of housing both victims and outside helpers.

  13. Joan

    I’m in ‘awaiting moderation’ limbo again with a comment with links. . I’m posting this to notify you ’cause there is no change in the comments count when the limbo censor strikes and there’s no way for you to know you got a new comment..

  14. Don’t you just hate being in limbo prematurely? I got your comment freed up and it’s now visible to all.

    I think my father’s walk was the afternoon before the storm.

  15. bev

    In my many travels over the past couple of years, I have never seen so many windstorms in so many different places as in the past few months. It is very odd indeed.

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