Children Drowning

I was just listening to an interview on the NPR show “Here And Now”; Robin Young was interviewing an experienced East Coast lifeguard who emphasized how quickly a young child can drown. It can take as little as twenty seconds. This tragedy often happens in backyard pools.

We never had a backyard pool at our rural place in Knox County, MO, but we had ponds.

I’m reminded of an incident back in the middle 1980s; it must have been 1987. Betsy and I had taken our kids down to a pond to swim. Our daughter Adrian was about three years old; she boldly walked out into the water and then went under. Oh, no! I waded out and pulled her to the surface. She came up gasping and laughing; she was too young to know what danger threatened her!




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3 responses to “Children Drowning

  1. I believe my Mom told me, decades ago, that comedian Lou Costello’s toddler drowned in a family pool in the early ’40″s. Ever hear this?

  2. No, I never heard that story before, Darrell.

  3. I checked on IMDB . . . the child (Lou Jr.) was born in ’42, died in ’43. Apparently Lou Sr came down with a heart ailment in ’43 also that culminated in his premature death in 1959. A few years back I saw where he could have been saved even a few years later by advances in cardiac care.

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