A Gates Radio Transmitter Cooling Fan

After all of the severely windy weather here in Quincy a hot spell has set in. Temps in the mid-nineties. I have a couple of fans down at my building in Hannibal, but I have sort of an avoidance thing going on; I don’t like to go down to Hannibal — too many bad memories.

This afternoon my friend Jeff stopped by and loaned me a fan; he got it from his storage unit. I’m amazed he kept it all these years, but I guess that’s what storage facilities are for.

Jeff’s father, deceased for many years, and my father once worked together at Gates Radio in downtown Quincy. The fan was a cooling fan for a radio transmitter. It’s archaic-looking — it must be fifty years old, but it still pushes out the air.

Thanks, Jeff!




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4 responses to “A Gates Radio Transmitter Cooling Fan

  1. Joan

    If you don’t yet have your air conditioner from the old apartment you had better be especially careful. We have a good sized window air conditioner, 3 box fans and a smaller table fan running and it’s still a stultifying 82 degrees in here. Outside is unbearable. It would be worse sleeping outside on a porch if we had one. They are predicting a heat index of 105 over the weekend counting humidity. Do they have heat shelters in Quincy for these emergencies.. Do they even have power back in Quincy?

  2. Power is still a bit spotty; the local NPR station was on for awhile but now it’s off again.

    There are two window air-conditioners out on my front porch — I don’t know if they even work.

    I’m a hardy soul, and just having a fan running suites me fine.

  3. Joan

    Well, you know the one in your old apartment works, and you could ask your landlord about the two on the porch. Maybe one of them would work. It could be just temporary relief during these horrible heat spells..and then save $ by using the fans when it’s better.
    I just read of so many deaths in around the city of people in apartments where they find them next to a working fan. The fans were operating but blowing air that was super-heated. Many of these of course are old people who are afraid to open their windows because of dangerous neighborhoods, and who cannot afford air. They have cooling centers around here but they don’t have a way to get their or they are too old or two scared to leave their premises. Luckily you are none of these and could ramble to a nearby bistro or 24 night convenence store for some relief.

  4. Well, my land-lord will be in Romania for the next year or so with his wife and her family, so I’m kinda on my own. I’m do’in all right.

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