Early Fireworks

I was fast asleep tonight when someone in the area decided to set off a series of loud fireworks; it isn’t even the Fourth of July yet! I was annoyed…



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3 responses to “Early Fireworks

  1. Joan

    It must have really annoyed you since you haven’t been back on-line for 3 days. Since the fireworks stands sell far ahead of the day, there are always a few kids who want to try out their ordnance on unsuspecting people. At any rate, I have to confess there has been so much thunder and rain here that when I heard the early evening rumblings of the big big fireworks displays on Sat. I ran around turning off TV’s and puter before I realized it was not rain. So, in effect, I was very grateful for the sound of fireworks. Unlike lightening, It cannot fry my electronics. I got the fab. visuals on TV later. Did Quincy have a display?

  2. I’ve been on-line; just haven’t felt like saying much. Yeah, Quincy had quite a display down at the Illinois Veteran’s home, I’ve heard. Next year the display will be down on the riverfront, as usual.

  3. Leslie

    We have close neighbors who shoot off fireworks so loud our house shakes. We get at least 4 nights of it every year. Yes, very annoying when trying to sleep.

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