I get annoyed by the constant police and firetruck sirens here in Quincy. It’s just incessant.

Several years ago I was pulled over by an Illinois State Patrol officer. I had been speeding. I was sitting with him in his patrol car while he looked up my record, seeing if there were any outstanding warrants out for me. I became curious about his sirens.

I asked the patrolman, “So how many siren sounds do you have?”

“In this car I have four.”

He proceeded to demonstrate all four of them for me.

My favorite siren is the one you hear in French and German films.

An example:




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5 responses to “Sirens

  1. Joan

    That is not only the most annoying to me, but the most scary. I keep expecting the Gestapo to pull up and haul me off.
    Following is a demo of sirens I find a good deal more palatable. Sadly, they sell these things all over the internet. A great way for a non-cop to pull a person over to highjack a car, steal their money or worse, to rape them. They are illegal, of course, but evidently not illegal to sell.

  2. Joan

    oops! forgot to post it. Here it is…

  3. bev

    My dogs hate sirens and start barking well before I can pick up the sound. For many ears, I had a very odd audio hallucination which happened when I heard certain souds -sirens being the main trigger to set off a sort of sound loop where I would hear the noise continuously in my head for the next few hours. Fortunately, I rarely heard sirens at our farm, but when I moved to the city to care for my dad, I heard them a few times a day. Practically drove me mad. I don’t seem to get this thing as much now.

  4. Leslie

    Larry, I confess one of sounds I was so looking forward to hearing when I got to Europe were those sirens. i’d heard them in so many movies identified with Germany and France. But, Joan, good point about the Gestapo!

  5. When we were in Europe in 1971 my friend and travelling companion said that after seeing “The Diary of Ann Frank” he couldn’t stand the sound of the euro-sirens on police vehicles. I laughed at it at the time but now I see his point.

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