Irving Penn, Master Photographer

I found this link over at Metafilter, some wonderful photos taken by Irving Penn. I like to take photos, but I have to bow before such mastery:

Irving Penn

If you go to the above Metafilter link, also check out Linda McCartney’s family photos.




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4 responses to “Irving Penn, Master Photographer

  1. Joan

    Stunning portraits. Interesting how many have the subjects are squeezed into a corner, or some semblance of a corner. The Duchess of Windsor actually looks as if she’s squeezed between two giant buttocks. I’m trying really hard to resist any comments about her being anal…but I guess I didn’t succeed. (Grin)
    The second part of the series, where he changes into a more standard background, he still employs a very bleak, usually blank backdrop with no props. Except for a couple. The one that struck me was the whimsical portrait of surrealist Giorgio de Chirico with leaves on his head. Not Laurel wreaths either. That one is both amusing and baffling. Mother Nature devoid of anything foliage-like made most of his work that I’m familiar with. Abstractions of Greek ruins. Dreamscapes. In short, very bleak, arid, lonely pictures. Now here we have him will foliage on his head. None of the others are like this. Would love to know the story behind that one.
    Tried to follow the comments on these but they were all Greek to me. 🙂

  2. Joan

    How many “of” the subjects, not ‘have’. sorry

  3. Thanks Larry.
    Joan: de Chirico was once considered to be Picasso’s arch-contender for the title of “master of modern art”, was he not? I’ve long regarded him higher than Picasso by far and away.

  4. Joan

    I have no idea, Darrell…but I’ll bow to your command of art history. It’s been so many years ago, that the stuff has leaked out of my brain. The paintings, however did not. I think if Picasso is rated higher it’s because of the innovation, variety, the re-inventing of styles, and how prolific he was. I personally was always fascinated by paintings that looked bleak/and or lonely. Didn’t matter if they were surrealistic like De Chirico, or super realistic like Wyeth, or Hopper. I wanted to know what caused them to paint that way.

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