Welsh Corgis

Corgis are low-slung and odd little herding dogs; I’ve known a few over the years. Take a look at this video of an active and hungry corgi:

A quote from Wikipedia:

They are also one of the few breeds able to herd geese.

Herding geese! I’ve never heard of such a thing! I’ve been attacked by a goose more than one time.




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8 responses to “Welsh Corgis

  1. Joan

    Following is an excerpt from my favorite Corgi story found on Greg Laden’s blog. If you want the full non-shaggy dog version click here. http://scienceblogs.com/gregladen/2009/05/under_the_present_circumstance.php

    So one evening, a bit late, Irv and his Corgi, Dillon were heading south on Linnaean Street, and just about to cross in front of Nicks (bar) . Suddenly, the door of the restaurant burst open. A vast amount of air was instantly sucked into the restaurant to replace the O2 that had been burned out of the atmosphere. The responding recoil shock wave caught the young man who was about to stagger out of the restaurant off guard, and as he stepped out onto the side walk, he lost his balance and fell to his knees, his baseball cap flying in one direction and his eyeglasses in the other direction.

    Irv instantly stopped in is tracks and reigned in the corgi, who stood waiting and at the ready, as well trained dogs do.

    The young man started to get his wits about him, and still on all fours looked around and found himself face to face with Dillon.

    Dillon stared at the student. The student stared at Dillon.

    And after a moment of contemplation, the stunned young man vociferated a startled lament:

    “Lassie!” he yelled. “What have they done to your legs!?!?!?”

  2. That’s a great story indeed!

  3. joan

    Yes! And that’s not all, they are evidently one of the few breeds that can sing happy birthday to the Queen. 🙂

  4. Virginia

    Herding, dancing, singing, staring down unstable individuals…..I had no idea these little dogs were so talented.

  5. Back in the early ’60’s, Walt Disney did a Disneyland movie about a corgi and his adventures/misadventures. My sometimes colleague Mike has pulled guard duty at Buckingham Palace (he calls it ‘the Buck House’) in times past, and laughed about the Queen’s corgis leaving an occassional bit of doggie fudge in out-of the-way corners of the palace!!
    When we lived in the Palmer-Wasilla (Alaska) area, our next door neighbors had a corgi who was an escapr artist par excellance. They also had a lovable golden retriever who was a very good girl and NEVER tried to run. Both dogs were kept on a run-line, but one day I walked out of our garage, looked over the property line and there was the (amost) escaped corgi looking very disgusted . . . while the golden was holding the corgi’s leash in her mouth; escapes NOT allowed on her watch!! The corgi had slipped the leash from the run-line somehow, dragging it behind but the retriever had grabbed the leash as the corgi ran by on it’s anticipated bid for freedom. I notified the neighbors and they were delighted at the quick (and dutiful) response of their retriever. The corgi was not impressed however.

  6. Good story, Darrell!

  7. I looked the movie up. It’s called “Little Dog Lost” (January, 1963) . . . on “The Wonderful World of Disney” . I still recall it,especially a broom attack from the corgi’s perspective.

  8. I vaguely remember seeing that movie as a small child.

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