Home Owner’s Associations

A great essay: read it here:





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4 responses to “Home Owner’s Associations

  1. Leslie

    I loved that story, Larry. Priceless! The world needs more Joan Egypts around to ripple the pond.

  2. Joan

    I love these swimming against the current stories. Especially when the swimmer wins. As for the flamingos…they have become an institution. We have rental businesses in or around St. Louis, where you can rent flamingos to ‘decorate’ a friend’s yard for special occasions. They have expanded to ducks and other critters also. Sooo if you have the money you can be a Joan Egypt for a day.

  3. Joan

    Here is what happens when you go against the boring norm in Oak Park and plant an edible garden instead of non edible grass. So sad. The little bureaucrat looks just like I imagined the bad guy in the flamingo story would look.

  4. Joan


    sorry. I didn’t get the whole link. Should be a video on My Fox Detroit Try this and if this does not work the title of the article is “Oak Park Woman Faces 93 Days in Jail for Planting Vegetable Garden”

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