A Visit From Germanic Relatives

It’s been five years since I’ve seen my son Tyler. My first grandchild Franziska was a mere babe at the time. Why so long? They live in Germany, where Tyler works as a computer programmer. They stopped by for a visit today and we went out for lunch. So nice to see them!

I have a regrettable tendency to forget to take family photos, but this this time I managed to take a couple (though Tyler had to remind me):




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4 responses to “A Visit From Germanic Relatives

  1. Joan

    Wow! He looks just like you, Larry! Granddaughter has really grown! Does she speak both languages? I never asked if your daughter-in-law is German from Germany or German from Quincy.

  2. Franziska was born in Germany. Typically she speaks English with her Dad and German with her mother Anne. Of course she mixes the languages at times.

  3. Joan

    So her mother is from Germany? I did not know that. Thought they moved there for your son’s job. My father’s mother was pure German but was born on the boat coming from the old country which pretty much explains why she had no accent. (grin) .

  4. Nice family, Larry. Makes me glad.

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