John Carty, Fiddler

My blog is hosted for free at I’m grateful for that, but unless you pay extra you can’t include sound files or videos in a post which are on your own computer. I can upload photos, though. There are workarounds; Youtube videos can be “embedded” in a post, and you can link to another site which has soundfiles. Back when I was hosting my own site (those were the days) I could rip tunes or songs from my collection of CDs and a player would play back the music from within the post.

I’m a fiddler and one of my very favorite Irish fiddle players is John Carty. He’s an inspiration for my own playing, although I’m reasonably certain I’ll never play as well as he can. Carty is a master of the subtle variations, never playing the same tune or passage the same way twice. Three reels:

A few years ago I was at an Irish music gathering in St. Louis. Musicians from all over the country were there. The venue was a large pub/restaurant with many nooks and crannies where clusters of musicians could have impromptu sessions. I was wandering around, sitting in for a while at one session, then trying another. I happened upon several musicians sitting in a restaurant booth; I’m not shy — I got out my fiddle and joined in, even though I didn’t know many of the tunes being played, but I’m pretty quick at picking up a tune from scratch. I looked at the fiddler sitting across from me and it was John Carty! I looked at the woman to my left who was playing flute and she was famed Irish flautist Joanie Madden! “Oh, man”, I thought, “Am I ever out of my league!” They tolerated me, though, and didn’t chase me off.

Even if you are unfamiliar with Irish music, follow the link below and listen to a few short clips of John Carty’s fiddle playing. It’s simply elegant and virtuosic. His rhythmic sense is impeccable, and see if you can discern the subtle variations. Your report will be due Wednesday morning, and I do grade on the curve (just kiddin’)

John Carty Clips



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  1. Sarah McUmber-House

    Yes indeed! But… er… the dog ate my homework, and I can’t take the test.

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