A Locally Produced Manhole Cover

A followup to a previous post, Neenah Foundry:

Neenah, Wisconsin and South Bend, Indiana weren’t/aren’t the only cities exporting manhole covers; some were actually manufactured right here in Quincy! I’ve only encountered a couple of them.

I like the radial groove pattern, quite classy by manhole cover standards.

Just think of how many lives have been saved by those humble cast-iron disks. An imagined 911 call:

911! What is the nature of your emergency?

My wife just fell into one of those damned holes in the street! She’s not moving and I can’t reach her. Why doesn’t the city cover up those holes?

An imaginary Quincy City Council meeting in an imaginary world without manhole covers:

A city councilman addresses the mayor:

Sir, we’ve been having an alarming number of injuries and deaths due to those open manholes in the streets. Perhaps we can come up with some sort of lid or cover for them?

The mayor responds:

Yes, this is definitely a public safety issue. I myself almost stepped into a manhole the other day. I’ll appoint a committee and perhaps we can convince a local foundry to work up a prototype.

Some years later, in this imaginary Quincy, a salesman from Neenah showed up in town and undercut the Quincy foundry’s manhole price; the rest is imaginary history!




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2 responses to “A Locally Produced Manhole Cover

  1. Jeff

    A man returning home late at night from his girlfriend’s house decided to take a shortcut through the local cemetery. Unbeknownst to him, a grave had been freshly dug for a funeral the next day and lay right in his path. He plunged into it without injuring himself, but found that due to its depth and the wet soil, he couldn’t climb out. He called for help for a while, but to no avail. A few hours later, after closing down the local tavern, a drunk staggered home through the cemetery. Hearing the man’s cries, he sidled up to the grave and said, “Whooze down there? Whaddya want?” The trapped man said, “Buddy, could you give me a hand out of here? I’ve been here a while, and I’m getting mighty cold.” The drunk replied, “Of coursh yer’ cold- ya kicked alla yer dirt off.”

  2. Joan

    That’s a great one, Jeff! Complete with dialects.

    Larry. Good story. Do you have any manhole jokes? 🙂

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