Wails Of Canine Despair

Dogs can have such expressive miens. They have eyebrows like us, and their eyes can look pleading, happy, or disconsolate, depending upon situation and mood. A dog’s ears, especially in breeds with erect or erectable ears, can convey all sorts of emotions. A dog’s ears put our motionless ears to shame in that respect.

Humans have guided dog evolution for tens of thousands of years, ever since they were just barely-tolerated camp-followers. Perhaps over the millennia dogs have learned to understand and then later mimic human facial expressions and body language. This video, with its dubbed in dog-talk, should amuse anyone who has ever lived with a dog; the narrator has a slightly malicious streak, it seems, as he teases a German Shepherd:

Thanks go to Carol Plochman Ritter, who posted this video on Facebook.




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5 responses to “Wails Of Canine Despair

  1. oh man this video! i cracked up so hard the first time i saw this on youtube!

  2. bev

    lol! I’m sure my dogs would be saying much the same!

  3. Joan

    This was both funny and sad at the same time. It was such a slick job of editing/dubbing/ that i the midst of laughing I actually found myself feeling sorry for the dog. (grin) Geesh! Give him a kibble or something after all that taunting.

  4. Whoever did the dog’s voice got it just right, don’t you think?

  5. Joan

    Yes! (grin) No dumb Scooby imitation. That sounded so real!

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