Bulldozer Vista

Long-time commenter Darrell e-mailed me a photo I had lost. It’s one of my favorite shots from the five years I lived in Hannibal.

One of my favorite walking destinations was the hollowed-out bluff just south of Bear Creek, the next bluff west of Lover’s Leap. A wide shelf had been blasted out on the north side of the bluff back when the Marblehead Lime Company (formerly Bear Creek Lime Co.) was quarrying limestone during the first two thirds of the 20th Century. The ledge or shelf allowed heavy machinery to enter the many quarry tunnels which extended farther back than I ever ventured; one tunnel actually pierces the bluff and you can see a disk of sky and trees on the south side of the bluff!

The ledge offers a great vantage point for looking down on Hannibal and the river. The bulldozer in the foreground is an ancient cable-driven machine which hasn’t moved in decades. I especially like the lighting in this photo:

Darrell once worked at the quarry as a chemist back in the early 1970s and his father also worked there for many years. Now the site is full of weathered and collapsing buildings and lime-kilns, a wonderful place for wandering around and taking photos.




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4 responses to “Bulldozer Vista

  1. Joan

    So glad to see this again. Thanks Darrell! You know the memory plays such tricks. If you’d have asked me I would have sworn this was a yellow steam shovel. Well, it may have been once, but this weathered relic just makes the picture!

  2. Joan . . . I can recall this “dozer” banguing its way up amd down the single road that ran in to the main area at Marblehead. It was summer and early fall, 1967.; there had been a rain washout of the road and someone was grading out the big ruts created by the runoff. There must have been a layers of solid rock underneath because the treads of the “cat” rattled the whole house where we were trying to run balance beams. I left the plant around 1 November ’67 for the USAF, and never saw the tractor again until I saw Larry’s photo . . so I went up the hill and there it was . . . it also shows on Google Earth. I climbed up on it for yet another time (like I did in “67) – but time it was thouroughly dead!

  3. Joan

    Darell, thanks to you, Larry’s blog and pictures, and Google Earth I have been able to do a virtual trip to Hannibal without any of the emotional not to mention gas costs. Thank ye both!

  4. Joan . . . Glad you appreciate it. Any trips to Hannibal should be a bit less expensive in the future; I’m relocating temporarily in St Louis . . . so it will be deja vu all over again ca 1966-7.

    Larry . . I just located a disc with more of your pics on it.

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