Detroit Science Center Lip Dub

This is a touching celebratory video. Take any team of people working on a project together and it is likely a few will be able to do the dance moves, etc., and lip-sync pop music effectively. Could this be due to hours of practice at karoake bars, or just singing in the shower and vacuum-cleaner-dancing with only a non-judgmental cat as audience?

The Lip Dub Member Event at the Detroit Science Center! The staff did 2 weeks of pre-production to plan things out. Then the production department and the singers rehearsed for 2 more weeks to get it right. Then the members came out for one amazing night and made it awesome! One walk through and five takes later we wrapped it up, all in time to get the kids to bed on time. Thank you so much to everyone who worked on this and who came out to join us. It was because of all of you the this night was a huge success.
What’s next? Who knows, but you can bet it will a ton of fun.

Detroit Science Center Lip Dub (Don’t Stop Me Now) from Detroit Science Center on Vimeo.

The song is by the British band Queen. Wasn’t Freddy Mercury quite a singer? He died of bronchopneumonia brought on by AIDS in 1991. One of the few Parsi rock singers, he has been missed.

Thanks go to Jennifer Ouellette, whose blog Cocktail Party Physics is one of my favorites. Jennifer posted the video on Facebook, I went to Vimeo and snagged the embedding code, and here we are!



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