Irene Departing

I followed the progress of Hurricane Irene up the East Coast by means of the mainstream media to a certain extent. I was more affected by on-the-spot accounts and photos by people I know only through the ‘net. Here’s a great cell phone photo taken by Pascal Wallisch, a neuroscientist who lives in NYC. He titled it “Irene departing”.

Such a photo! Pascal said on Google+: “Right spot meets right time.”

John Beetham, an avid birder who writes for The DC Birding Blog, took some good photos during the passage of Irene. Here are a couple:

The photo was accompanied by this note: Dead baby squirrel, probably knocked from its nest.

John’s comment: Normally there is a walkway down there.

I liked the handrails disappearing into the water.

John lives in Highland Park, New Jersey these days, which is where these photos were taken.

This is citizen photo-journalism, which possesses an immediacy unavailable to the big-time commercial media, especially when you are familiar with the people involved.




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4 responses to “Irene Departing

  1. bev

    Pascal’s “Irene Departing” is quite a photo! I followed links to photos and video clips taken by several people of the flooding in Vermont. Amazing stuff. The video clips in particular as you could hear what everyone in the vicinity was saying – very different coverage than what you get from the mainstream media news. Btw, here in Nova Scotia, we are still seeing strong winds. They began shifting in direction around dawn. All night, it was weirdly hot and humid, but now cooler, drier air is coming through.

  2. Larry, as a musician with a traditional bent but not fearful of the present, you might like . . . .
    After the storm . . . well . . . . maybe an updated cantica I discovered lately (complete with e-frogs) . . . Night and Day from pre 1492 Spain:
    try “Youtube Cantigas 02 Qntal Noit et Dia” (it doesn’t want to cut and paste)
    Haunting about 3:20 mins in . . .

  3. Do you mean this one? (It didn’t want to embed either!)

    Noit Et Dia

    Haunting neo-medieval music — and to think the song was written during the time when the great European cathedrals were under construction!

  4. I got the idea of looking for this while reading Saudi Aramco World for Aug 2011. There is an article on Spanish musian/musicologist Eduardo Panigua . . . .
    He and his associates are deeply into researching/recreating the music of Moorish “al Andalus” (Spain) . They are also recreating Moorish musical instruments.

    I’m not sure but the music SEEMS to be from ca 1400 or so . . . a bit after the burst of 11th-12th century cathedral building some hundreds of miles north in western Europe. It was often a tri-religious place with Christians, Muslims and Jews moving about and interacting freely . . . the result was the Alhambra Palace, Cordoba, the star names (most are Arabic), medicine as good as it came in those days, the recovery of as much of the classical heritage of the Greco-Roman literary world as was possible. And there was the lost music that Panigua and Co try to revive . . . . Without this world, our world wouldn’t exist in any decent form (???).

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