Sharp Dressed Man

It’s an interesting era we live in. Who would have thought ten years ago that user-generated video would become so ubiquitous? Cheap and powerful software has enabled people around the world to mix and match disparate genres from the world’s repositories of audio and video. There’s a lot of ephemeral dreck on Youtube and Vimeo, but there are also quite a few inspired pieces. How do you find them? I rely on websites such as Metafilter and Boing Boing; aggregator sites such as these seem to have many users with time on their hands, time enough to troll through the massive amounts of material available in search of the gems. Or maybe they are skilled Google users.

Some anonymous Youtube contributor took cinema footage of comic icons Laurel and Hardy performing a silly impromptu dance, evidently a segment from one of the duo’s movies. Somehow that user managed to sync up the dancing with an old ZZ Top song called Sharp Dressed Man. That song came out sometime in the early 1980s. Somehow the combination works — take a look:

Wouldn’t it be cool to bring Laurel and Hardy back to life and show them this video? How would comic film stars from the 1930s react to hearing distorted electric guitars and that insistent rhythm?




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2 responses to “Sharp Dressed Man

  1. Leslie

    That was fun! ZZ Top is my generation, loved it! Now I wonder how the heck they did that, do you suppose they put the top halves of Laurel and Hardy in various movements and stuck them on bottom halves doing the dance moves? hmmm, maybe I’m over-thinking this. yes, I guess I am.

  2. I really don’t know how such videos are made, but I suspect that the speed of the movie footage playback was controlled via software so that it synced up with the tempo of the song.

    “Your generation”, huh? You and I are at opposite ends of the same post-war Baby Boom generation — eight or nine years difference in ages begins to seem trivial from a 21st-Century vantage point!

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