Bean Scenes

This morning has been cloudy and a bit cool, good bike-riding weather. After getting caught up with e-mail and a couple of social networks I felt restless. Before eating breakfast I decided to ride my bike over to the garden plot which I share with a friend, Jeff, who lives a couple of blocks up the street from me.

We are in the midst of a late drought here in Central Illinois. We haven’t had a good soaking rain since early August. Jeff, with an excess of optimism, planted lima beans last month in the powdery soil and has been keeping them watered. The patch is now luxuriant and I wanted to shoot some morning bean photos.

Lima beans have well-defined leaves which are subtly different than the leaves of other beans. Here’s a shot taken before I moved in closer, as is my wont:

I liked this arrangement of two half-grown pods. If you look closely you can see two fine filaments spanning the two pods, towards the left. A spider has begun its morning work, using the pods as a scaffold for what will probably be an insect-catching orb web later this morning:

I enjoy seeing the remnants of a bean’s flower clinging to the end of a pod, the once-beautiful and useful corolla hanging limply before being washed off by rain later on (with any luck!). Here’s a good example of a pod just a few days old with such an appendage, a relic of those heady days of pollination:

I picked a few small fingerling eggplants and stuck them in my pocket before remounting my bike and heading home for a breakfast of oatmeal, pepitos, and sunflower seeds. I added some quinoa flakes too!



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One response to “Bean Scenes

  1. Joan

    I am very fond of string beans
    Never thought of them as arty
    Just a bean you might consume
    Because the others made you farty.

    But these are really beautiful
    Despite their lack of flowers.
    Thank you Larry for more proof here
    Of your photographic powers.

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