Breakfast Still Life

A couple of mornings ago I was getting ready to eat a bowl of oatmeal after running through a series of fiddle tunes. I placed the bowl on a table, but then I paused. The scene was appealing to me, made up as it was of a chair I made years ago, a fiddle I made, an open book, and the crude table which once held a computer (that’s an extendable keyboard support beneath the top).

This is a glimpse of my daily life; I wish I could get a glimpse of yours! Most people are so damned private…




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7 responses to “Breakfast Still Life

  1. bev

    This is my second attet at leaving a comment. Funny, but a lot of blogs come up as “OnSwipe” blogs which I suppose are meant to be mobile-firndly, but which are anything but friendly to my ipad.

    Anyhow, I loved seeing this window into your world. What artistic, talented and skillful person you are, Larry. I have long wanted to try making stringed instruments, but definitely lack the patience and finesse for such projects. Same goes for the beautiful chair. I am more the rough hewn type carpenter, or the funky folk art wood carver type. As for private lives, I don’t think mine falls into that category. Sometimes I think maybe I have shared a little too much of my world, but really, at this point in my life, I figure “what the hell” so there is not much that is concealed.

    Now, let’s see if this comment gets posted or if typing this was all for naught!

  2. Joan

    Ohh I don’t know about that. Bev has her life beautifully displayed along with incrimental house renovations. Bonta has shown interior views of his work station and exterior views of his house many times. Deborah of Epehemeral Chaos shows her latest shopping finds, her newest knits and I remember a fab picture of her husband draped in cats in his easy chair. Most people, The exception being the fascinatingly mysterious Digital Cuttlefish, are pretty revealing of their personal lives on their blogs…. If we commenters could figure out a way to upload pictures, I’m sure you’d see them.
    That being said… I like the computer table reveal. Always before it was used for so much equipment, that I didn’t notice it. You now have a breakfast table with ‘extension’. (grin)

  3. Something weird happened with the comments on this post. Two comments showed up on a post (which isn’t on my post list) called “breakfast”. Bev’s first comment showed up there, then she tried again and her second comment can be seen above.

    Thanks for persevering, Bev! I appreciate your comments!

    The second comment to show up on the weird bogus “breakfast” post was from my sister Leslie. I could find no way to transfer a comment from one post to another other than simple cutting and pasting, so here’s Leslie’s comment:

    Same here! That is a warm and inviting photo, Larry, with the oatmeal, items you built yourself. I’m reading the Outlander novels (Diana Gabaldon) these days, taking place before the Revolutionary War in the 1770′s, and this photo would fit right in! (Except for the CDs and DVDs of course.)

    Joan, when I made the remark about people and privacy I certainly wasn’t thinking about bloggers, who often tend to “tell the world” about their lives and environments. I was thinking more about people who don’t blog, people I encounter who are comfortable with Facebook, but would never, ever talk about their lives on a personal blog.

    I’ve told people about my blog and try to encourage others to give blogging a try. I’ve often received a response like this: “Why would anyone be interested in my boring life?”

    There are evidently self-esteem and ego-strength issues behind such views.

  4. Joan

    OR…we could just have boring lives, Larry. (grin) I don’t blog.
    Don’t people talk about themselves on Facebook?

  5. Yeah, people talk about themselves on Facebook, but the posts tend to be short (just a link, perhaps, or an embedded Youtube video), and there is a character limit on the posts. The medium lends itself to the fleeting and trivial.

    A blog, on the other hand, usually has an archive of past posts, and you can step back through posts which have a specific subject matter. I don’t know what happens to old Facebook posts; perhaps the bits and bytes are cleaned, disinfected, and reused.

    Now I’m imagining a dimly-lit workhouse somewhere in the Orient; bales of stale Facebook posts arrive daily for processing, fresh from a container ship…

  6. Joan

    …And in the workhouse are all those little avatar/pics ID thingies.. drifting about the floor like old stamps…or large confetti.
    But seriously folks.. can’t you just arrow back in facebook, like in a regular blog?

  7. The only way I’ve found is to go to someone’s “Wall” page, where you can find links to “recent activity” — but I don’t know how far back the archives go. Facebook emphasizes the recent, the froth on the leading edge of the endlessly crashing waves, old posts being inexorably pulverized into digital sand.

    Nice image, Joan, of old avatars as stamps drifting about the workhouse floor. I can visualize a movie about this fanciful milieu…

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