A Creature of Habit

I try to make friends with farm dogs I encounter while driving along the gravel roads every day. Better that than being barked at! The smaller and yappier breeds seem to be the most suspicious. They are indifferent to my brief overtures.

The more typical farm dogs are mixes, with lab, border collie, and hound ancestry, I surmise. These dogs are often bored and several of them now come up to me, grateful for a predictable variation in their daily routine.

One lonely dog goes so far as to jump up and rest its forelegs on my car window opening. I’ll pet the creature for a while before continuing on my way. This dog is speckled white and black, reminding me of blue heelers I’ve known.

Yesterday I thought it would be cool if I could get a photo of that dog peering in at me, waiting to be petted. Immediately after the dog jumped up I got out my camera, but I wasn’t quick enough. The unexpected action spooked the dog and it abruptly retreated:

Aw, shucks, I thought. I got out of the car and attempted to lure the dog back to the car. It looked at me from the yard, as if to say, “Human, I thought I had you pegged, and then you pull a stunt like that! I like predictable humans; after all, I don’t know you that well!”

A well-spoken dog!

I’ll try again, at the risk of completely confusing the creature by departing from a comfortable routine.



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