A Greek Musical Collaboration

How would you like to hear seventy-seven Greek musicians and singers playing together? It’s like a virtual tour of current Greek musical culture. As the web-site caption informs us:

77 artists, 40 locations around attica — the greater athens area — greece, playing ecologically.

παίζουμε οικολογικά

(I didn’t know that I could cut-and-paste Greek script!)

This is a great example of a new genre: sequential videos of musicians synced up with their music, seamlessly flowing from one musician to the next, with overlap. The basic melody sounds like a Greek traditional song, but the musical genres presented range all over the map. I’ve seen and heard other examples of this type of video. It’s a wonderful way of conveying a sense of place and community. There should be a central repository for such efforts, like Flickr is for photos, and Youtube and several other sites are for music and ambient sounds.

Thanks go to Helen Sotiriadis for bringing this video to my attention. She’s a fine photographer who lives in Athens. Take a look at her photos here:

Helen Sotiriadis

Here’s a scaled-down example of her landscape photography:

Notice how the cloud contours seem to echo the shape of the land.




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4 responses to “A Greek Musical Collaboration

  1. Jeff

    A Greek Joe Cocker!

  2. Joan

    That was fascinating, and very enjoyable. Darrell should see this. Hope he didn’t get lost in the confusing streets of St. Louis.

  3. I thought that Darrell might enjoy the video — he’ll amble by eventually.

  4. I will, but in the meantime: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IL-UtX5Da6I
    Music by Mikis Theodorakis, poem by Angelos Sikelianos, vocal mainly bt Maria Farantouri
    Paarts 1 and 6 of “March of the Spirit”.

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