Photos From the Road

This weekend the night skies were clear in Adams County, Illinois, and the stick-figure of Orion watched over my peregrinations along the gravel roads. I eagerly anticipated the dawn as I drove, hoping I would be spared the aggravation of a flat tire.

Occasionally I would see a mysterious blue glows near a grain bins, propane burners burning throughout the night as they dried recently harvested corn. A glimpse into a blue inferno:

Here’s a shot of the horizon as dawn approached. A crescent moon was the only visible interruption of the flawless dome of the sky:

The gradations of the sky’s colors were very impressive.

A bit later I came across strata of creeping fog. I had to stop for a few minutes, as a forked extension of the fog seemed to be sliding over and under an invisible layer, perhaps an area of atmosphere with a differing density. Who knows?

I was reminded of a misty alligator about to swallow the white barn in one velvety gulp.

It is likely I’m the only person to have seen this forked anomaly, as it didn’t last long and the farmers weren’t up yet.




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6 responses to “Photos From the Road

  1. Sarah

    Beauty! Glad you were there to capture it.

  2. Thanks, Sarah! I’m glad I was there as well.

  3. Joan

    Beautiful photos! Wow! Do you use a tripod?

  4. Thanks, Joan! My tripod for these shots was either my knee or some part of the car. The average exposure was 1/10 of a second.

  5. Impressive photos, Larry — especially the first one.

  6. Thanks, Dave. I’ve been influenced by some of the great photographers I’ve encountered on Google+. Some wonderful abstract photos have been posted there.

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