Joan’s Smartweed

Here’s a poem and photo from Joan Ryan:


This Pennsylvania Smartweed 
Has settled next to us.
And we live here in Missouri.
Doubt it came by train or bus.
When someone said “Go west, young man.” 
Did Smartweed take its cue
And travel west with pioneers? 
That’s sure what I would do.

It’s a delicate wild flower
Or a weed.  It all depends 
If it’s growing where you’d like it
Or somewhere that it offends
Your aesthetic sensibilities,
Like right there in your lawn.
And no matter how you weed it
It is rarely every gone.

Yanked it up in early spring
And thought I’d seen it’s true demise  
But the next time that I mowed
I just could not believe my eyes.
It was back again, more hardy 
Than it was the week before.
And I saw that pesky plant
Each time I went outside my door.

Finally thought that I had licked it
When this fall I spied a flower
Snuggled next to our foundation.
Does it have some super power?
I have come to the conclusion   
That I’ll finally let it be.  
Cause the Pennsylvania Smartweed
Is just way too smart for me.


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2 responses to “Joan’s Smartweed

  1. bev

    Liked the poem, Joan! It seems that many weeds are quite the survivors and smart in their own way. At least this one has some uses – medicinal and as food for wildlife.

  2. Joan

    Thanks, Bev. The funny thing about this weed is that Larry took a picture of a whole patch of it back there with the ivy and mushrooms post ..and I thought from the photo that it was a large plant. The next day I went out to water my plants and found this teensy delicate flower blooming among those pesky recalcitrant weeds I’d been dealing with. Tah Dah! Maybe the wildflower pics should have something to indicate scale.. like a ruler or a penny. Naaah. It would ruin the photos.
    OK..Now I have to look up medicinal properties of Smartweed. Lord knows I could use some medicine that does not cost a dollar a pill. 🙂

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