Agricultural Fable

A few days ago I happened across a scene which sparked my imagination — not a difficult feat, I admit!

In a drab, gray-brown field of soybeans awaiting the harvest a single stalk of volunteer corn towered above the fuzzy horde of bean stalks:

In The Land of the Beans

The One-eared Corn Is King




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5 responses to “Agricultural Fable

  1. bev

    Ha! Great shot of the stalk of volunteer corn! Like the shot of the fuzzy soybeans too.

  2. Joan

    Loved the pun and the great photos. Sooo soybeans are the hirsute members of the bean family. Who knew?
    BTW I don’t know if the above video was your submission or one of the ads that comes up with the comments. Either way, hilarious

  3. Joan

    The video disappeared. As the ads, do, but luckily I sent the link to myself and here it is:

  4. Funny mock documentary, Joan. I think every culture has some sort of flat-bread with stuff on top!

    Interesting about the “hirsute” soybeans. The varieties grown for human consumption have pods which are less hairy, although the pods themselves aren’t eaten, just the green lima-like beans within. Perhaps over the centuries Asian shoppers tended to buy more edible soybeans if the pods were smoother, thus influencing the growers and plant-breeders.

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