Predawn Images

I enjoy being out on the gravel roads as the dawn creeps in. Lately the dawns have been clear; I’d like to see a few clouds to interrupt and transfigure the dawning sun’s rays, but the Powers That Be seem to be ignoring the suggestions I’ve left in the box Nature has kindly provided for customer input.

What a perk of my newspaper delivery job, and it is one the people who pay me are completely unaware of.

The color changes on a clear morning are generally similar. The first sign of impending dawn is a stratum of red-tinged brown along the horizon which shades into blue, then into night’s black.

I speculate that the brown hue might be due to anthropogenic particulate matter, but due to our lack of photographic evidence from the pre-industrial era we will never know.

Here’s a photo I took about one-half hour before the sun appeared. I had put the car in Park but left it running. I sat in the limestone dust and propped the camera on my knee for this one-second exposure. It’s a tad blurred but the shot will give you the general idea of the scene. The trees in the distance always catch my eye as I drive by. See the carved out opening between the two maples? It’s a channel for the power lines, and that peculiar shape is visible from miles away.

My car’s headlights are on, which explains the foreground illumination:

A few minutes later I came across this somnolent combine harvester; its snores were barely audible over the low hum of my idling car’s engine. I got out of the car and stealthily approached the mechanical beast. I really didn’t want it to awaken! Combines can be dangerous when they are groggy and confused.

I silently got closer to the machine. I took this shot with the camera propped on a steel cross-member. I liked the geometric appearance of the rows of dry soybeans arcing away down the gentle slope:

These images have been minimally processed, just a little cropping and scaling. I could have spent time fiddling with the color and brightness levels, or trying to sharpen edges with software algorithms, but I decided that the bare images are good enough for my humble purposes. I doubt that I will get any complaints!




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3 responses to “Predawn Images

  1. thanks for this great blog…

  2. joan

    I really love these dawn pictures. Larry. No real way to get something this dramatic here in the burbs . Too many trees…too many houses.

  3. Thanks, Joan! BTW, I just got your Osage orange poem and photos posted. Take a look!

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