News Flash!

[camera pans to a brightly-colored TV news desk]

“This just in, folks! We go now to our reporter Wally Balew and cameraman Fred Sieber, live from Siloam Springs State Park over by Clayton…”

[a jacketed reporter looks towards the camera; pine trees are in the background]

“Hi, Josh! There’s been quite a meeting of the minds here at the park! It seems a woman from Nova Scotia named Bev Wigney (that’s in Canada, folks) has rolled into the park to stay the night. She’s here to meet with Quincy’s own Larry Ayers. Both of them are bloggers of some note and they are meeting for the first time!”

[camera pans slowly to reveal the caretaker’s trailer. A man in his sixties looks up from his seat at a picnic table]

“Here we have park employee Brad Erhardt. Tell us what has been happening here this afternoon, Mr. Erhardt!”

[the caretaker looks thoughtful]

“Well, Wally, this afternoon an old red car pulled up. Mr. Ayers knocked on my door and asked if any Canadian women had showed up looking for a camp-site. I told him I didn’t think so — I’d know, as we don’t get many Canadians out here!”

“Then the two of us saw a big Dodge van drive by. It had a luggage carrier on top, and Mr. Ayers said, ‘That must be her!’ He drove off to tell her that she had overshot the campground.”

“So where are they now, Mr. Erhardt?”

“Oh, they took a walk and I think now they are just talkin’ over at her camp-site. I think Mr. Ayers brought a fiddle with him — I’m pretty sure I heard him playin’. I was amazed — that Mrs. Wigney has been driving five hundred miles every day!”

[the camera bobs and weaves as the news crew walks across the campground]

“Look! I think that’s Mr. Ayers coming out of the woods!”

[the camera pans around and focuses on me, as I exit the woods and zip up my fly]

“Hello, Mr. Ayers! We’re from WQCY and we’re here to cover your meeting with Bev Wigney.”

[I frown.]

“This merits a news story? Surely something else of greater import is happening around here!”

“Well, it was either this or the annual pig-sticking competition over Warrensburg way — but we cover that every year.”

[the cameraman interjects from behind the camera, out of sight]

“I did kinda want to see the competition this year, Wally. Elmer Darliss is entering again, and he has quite the finesse with that little knife of his! The way he neatly dodges the spurting gout of blood — oh, it’s a sight to see — kinda like ballet!”

“Now Fred — enough of that!”

I agree, enough of that! Bev and I had a very enjoyable meeting. It is quite novel and interesting to meet someone with whom one has been corresponding; preconceptions dissolve and the actual sounds of voices are heard and reconciled with faulty imaginings. I got to meet Bev’s collies too!



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One response to “News Flash!

  1. bev

    Ha! Loved the news story, especially the note about Nova Scotia – that’s in Canada. That would be just as it would happen! (-:

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