The Strange World of Gurney Slade

I’ve noticed that among the American people I’ve known over the years that British comedy and drama is an acquired taste, or perhaps an inborn one, similar to the varied feelings people have about foods such as hominy, haggis, or okra.

Some people just can’t watch Monty Python or Fawlty Towers; I’ve surmised that the English accents can be a stumbling block, and I freely admit that those accents, which vary confusingly between social classes, can be a bit thick and mumbly.

I’m a fan, though. I get a charge from watching John Cleese have a fit, or even Benny Hill and his sidekick Henry McGee acting silly. I learned today of a short-lived British sitcom from the 1960s called The Strange World of Gurney Slade. Once again I’m indebted to the savvy crowd at Metafilter!

Here’s the first half of the first episode. All six episodes are available at Youtube:

I had no idea Anthony Newley had starred in this show! It was ahead of its time; self-referential tendencies were in their infancy back then.




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4 responses to “The Strange World of Gurney Slade

  1. Joan

    Fascinating and very funny. Hints of George Burns, (even Gracy Allen in that faux sit com) and Jerry Seinfeld, I want to see the rest. How do I find them?

  2. Push the Play triangle on the embedded video, then once it starts move your mouse over the video; down at the lower right, to the right of the progress bar, a button will appear with “YouTube” printed on it. Push that and you will be magically whisked to Youtube, tuned to the same video, and the other episodes will be shown in the sidebar.

    A good thing to know, especially if you want to see comments.

  3. Maisie_R

    Anthony Newley not only starred in GURNEY SLADE, but created it (and according to people who worked on the show, wrote most of it).

  4. I didn’t know that. Thanks, Maisie!

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