Potpourri is an interesting word, yet another euphonious loan-word from the French. I had to look up the spelling, never having had the occasion to type the word before. The word brings to mind the Swedish smorgasbord, a fairly recent loan-word which comes from smörgås, an open-faced sandwich, and bord, which is how the Swedes perversely insist upon spelling the word “board”. We should borrow smörgås from those phlegmatic Swedes, discarding the outlandish diacritical marks and giving the word a Scots-Irish twang: “I could do with a smorg-ass right now!”

“Medley”, “pastiche”, “salmagundi” and “miscellanea” also come to mind. That’s what this post is, a mixed bag of interesting things I’ve gathered out on the web, like a dog returning from a foray in the brush with cockleburs and beggar-ticks clinging to its coat.

Here’s a photo I found to be quite intriguing, not least because the back-story of the image was not revealed. It comes from a Microsoft consultant in New Mexico, a photographer named Emiliana Chavez:

A clever concept, and that weird smile!

Brenda Clews is a video-poet who lives in Toronto; she posted this video on Google+, a nostalgic glimpse of what passed for female empowerment back in the 1960s. Nancy Sinatra sings the song well and the moves of the backup dancers are just so quaint, white-girl sexiness from the past:

Nancy’s haircut is laughable to modern tastes, but back then it was state of the art.

Dianne Ward is an IT systems engineer who lives in Massachusetts. She’s a fine photographer and I’d like to show you a couple of her images. Lately she’s been fooling around with smoke, with some interesting results, such as this photo:

Here’s a B&W street shot taken by Dianne in Boston, a woman playing the glass harmonica (one of Ben Franklin’s inventions) — the player looks so focused and intent:

I discovered Dianne’s work on Google+, which has become a favorite hang-out for many great photographers from around the world. I’m particularly fond of the bird photos taken by a Polish photographer named Adam Kumiszcza, who lives in Gdańsk. Here’s one of his many fine photos, this one of a Black-Winged Stilt contemplating its reflection:

One last photo, this one from a Toronto photographer named John Kosmopoulos. I really enjoy his urban abstract images, such as this one, which is called “Triple Threat Toronto”:

Oh, I could go on and on, but I’d rather eat some breakfast!



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  1. I should also have mentioned gallimaufry, melange, farrago, and olla podrida!

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